Love Snap

As a member of National Geographic's Your Shot Community, I sometimes submit photos for a variety of assignments. National Geographic editors challenge participants to capture images based on a defined set of parameters. This might mean subject, style or even time of day/year. I join in when applicable to help hone my photography skills.

The very first time I submitted to an assignment, my photo was selected from thousands of entries. The published Love Snap story featured a picture I took of my young daughter in her final moments with my dying father. The assignment editors said my capture was, "a visual record that emphasizes relationship and moment - the essentials of great photography." They also complimented my use of light.

The image was snapped in haste with my iPhone. It was not technically strong. But it was full of honest emotion and told a story. After my selection, I picked up our DSLR and began to learn how it worked..

How Close Can You Get?

Renowned National Geographic photographer Ed Kashi selected an image I submitted for the How Close Can You Get assignment. This time, the assignment was to capture spontaneous, real moments of intimacy, Again, the picture was taken with my phone. I was holding my father's hand as I held vigil by his deathbed. The image resonated with many people and I was so honored to have it included in this incredible published story!

Getting Your Shot

My Love Snap image was published in the National Geographic book, Getting Your Shot: Stunning Photos, How-To-Tips, and Endless Inspiration From The Pros.

The Daily Dozen

Each day National Geographic editors select 12 images from the thousands uploaded to the Your Shot website to feature. Known as the "Daily Dozen," they are considered to be among the best of the best, and community members vote on which images should be published in the magazine.

One July 8, 2015, one of those images is mine! Incredibly honored.